December 2006

Chassis collection and engine mounts

January 2007

Welding the chassis

February 2007

More welding, pedal box

March 2007

Pipes, handbrake lever and wishbones

April 2007

Engine, brakes and a wonky chassis

May 2007

Clutch cable, suspension and steering

June 2007 - er, nothing to see...

July 2007

Hoses, paddles and more broken bits

August 2007

Gear linkage and reverse mech

September 2007

Oil level, dampers and wheels

October 2007

Oil take off plate, exhaust, suspension

February 2008

Bodywork and exhaust manifold

March 2008

More bodywork

Catches and panels

April 2008

Internal panels

More internal panels

May 2008

Oil system and airbox

June 2008

Internal panels and bodywork

September 2008

Bonnet bulge and dashboard

October 2008

Fuel filler, speed sensors, wiring

November 2008

Dashboard wiring and radiator

December 2008

Dashboard and seat

Brake pressure sensors and sump mods

Engine ignition in T-10

February 2009

Painting and wiring

March 2009

Fitting bodywork and lights

April 2009

Headlights and mirrors

SVA final prep


June 2009

SVA retest stuff

SVA restest

August 2009

Race preparation

Data logging issues

Final preparation