Dan's Cars 'n' Stuff


The Furybird My first kit car. A Honda Blackbird powered Fury Spyder which I built in 2001 and crashed in 2003. This site covers (some of) the build of the car, and its eventual demise
The Furybird II The Furybird is dead, long live the Furybird. Having crashed the Furybird, I decided to rebuild it. This site covers the (extremely lengthy) rebuild process which is still ongoing.
The Little Green Striker of Froginess Having crashed the Furybird, I needed a car to take on tour and to take to Le Mans. So I bought a very very green Striker with a ZX9R engine. This was supposed to be a short-term measure to tide me over until the Furybird was rebuilt - 3 years later, I've still got it. This site covers a few of the modifications I've made to it since I bought it.
The 'netta A few words and even fewer pictures about the GF's Ginetta G20, powered by a CBR1000F engine. Still, as far as I'm aware, the only G20 with a bike engine.
The Fury Racer After spending quite so long building the Furybird II, there's no chance I'm going to risk racing it. So I'm going to build an R1-powered Fury for racing, with rather fewer pimpy bits and (hopefully) a rather shorter build time. This will cover the build and (hopefully) subsequent racing of this car.


The Meeja PC A tragic tale. One man's utimately doomed attempt to build a Media PC that isn't too noisy.
The Toppy No doubt to some people's eyes, an equally tragic tale of my fiddling about with a Topfield PVR5800. Covers, in particular, using an ASUS WL-500g Deluxe router to connect the Toppy up to the rest of my network at home.


Links A selection of links to sites I've found useful, on-line retailers I've used, and build sites by other members of the cam7 collective.