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The Furybird I - in happier days...

At a test at Donington Park - 2nd engine went bang....

The picture above isn't really terribly accurate any more. Firstly, because as you can see I modified the car quite a bit after the top photo was taken. And mostly because I crashed the car in a race at Mallory Park. At the moment the plan is to rebuild the Fury - unfortunately in the crash I not only broke the Fury but broke 4 ribs as well. The rebuild is rather extensive and is set out in one of the new sections.

For a full write-up of my day at Mallory, go to HERE

The Fury section deals with the build of the Fury and subsequent modifications. The Pug section is mostly about some modifications I did on the car back in the summer of 2000. The Pug has now been sold, and replaced with an incredibly boring Volkwagen Passat TDi. The Electronics section is not really up and running yet but the plan is to fill it with lots of useful car-related electronics stuff.



New section dealing with the rebuild of the car. Here.


The Fury is dead. Long live the Fury. Details of my crash at Mallory Park


Picture of the finished Fury, more random burbling


The piccies are here!


The Pug saga is complete and the Pugster is back on the road. The Fury is being built and an up-do-date build diary is on. Still no pictures, but I'm working on it.


The Pug Brakes nightmare continues: no bolts, no brake discs, no hope of finishing this weekend.....


Details of work done to the Pug: the ongoing saga continues......
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