The Furybird II - we can rebuild it, better than before...

This section of the site covers the rebuild of my Fury after my little 'incident' at Mallory, details of which are here.

I haven't done this as a day-by-day build diary but in sections dealing with different parts of the build.

Due to the structure of the build diary the RSS feed will always point to this page (where there's new stuff on the Furybird) and the most recent updates, along with links to the new parts, will be included in the table.


29th August 2007 Only a small update so far - new stuff on the front brakes, news on the damper front, pictures of my home-made steering column, and a change of heart on the paddle shifters.
21st December 2006 Well it's been a while, but a mutha of an update - all new info on the front and rear brakes
7th December 2004 New stuff on chassis and rollcage, first pic of paddle shifter, front suspension in progress, fuel tank's arrived
 28th July 2004 New pages on brakes, more piccies
 27th July 2004 Pictures added on chassis page with updates and new dampers and front suspension pages 
 30th April 2004 Page on carbon seat updated 
25th March 2004 Spelling mistake on the Buttmould fixed (thanks FH!) and diagram of pre-preg oven added (for Chris)
 24th March 2004 Page on making carbon panels uploaded
 Later on the 17th... Details of chassis mods added (no pics yet) and section of the custom seat done
17th March 2004 Site's up and details of the strip down of the old chassis done. Lots of broken links and unfinished pages...