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The Fisher Fury is a two seater sports car designed by Sylva Autokit's Jeremy Phillips. There are two forms, a live rear axle car and an IRS car. The live rear axle car is based largely on a Mk II Ford Escort, while the IRS car is based on a Ford Sierra.

Mine is a Spyder model: no doors, no roof and no windscreen. The engine is going to be from a Honda Blackbird motorbike and the idea is to keep everything as light as possible. Unfortunately the SVA test weights show a total weight of 500kg which is a bit on the lardy side, so some weight saving measures will be put in place.

I picked the Fury up at the beginning of November. The build diary is in 4 sections at the moment: pre-build, November (mostly chassis related and the beginnings of getting a rolling chassis together) and December (more rolling chassis stuff). The November and December sections of the build diary have pictures. Unfortunately after December I spent too much time building the car to regularly update the website, so the rest of the build is dealt with not in the form of a diary but in sections dealing with different aspects of the build.

There's also a section dealing with the work I did after the car was road legal and tested.

I modified the Fury for about 2 years, running it on the road and doing a couple of tours with the se7ens list. Then I managed to stop the engine blowing up whenever I went on track. And finally I got to race the Fury with the 750 Motor Club. And then, on 10th August 2003, I had a rather large crash.

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