Hang on lads, I've got a plan...

The FuryRacer, like the Furybird II, is a project which has arisen from the ashes of the Furybird I. The Furybird met it's end racing at Mallory Park, which left me with lots of bits of Fury, but no car. I started rebuilding the Furybird, but the Furybird II's specs soon started departing from the original specs of the car to an alarming degree. IRS, not live axle. Completely new brake set-up. But most significantly, perhaps, was my decision to make carbon panels for the interior of the Furybird II.

This took for ever. To the point where I wasn't prepared to risk stuffing the car again racing it. And to be honest, the Furybird II was intended from the outset to be a rather pimpy vehicle, and therefore not ideal to go racing in.

Now of course, because of the significant changes to the spec of the Furybird, I had quite a lot of bits left over, like suspension arms. And, frankly, I bought a lot of parts which I'd already got so that I ended up with spare bits - front uprights, brake calipers, steering racks... Soon, I had quite a large proportion of the parts needed to make up a new Fury. Well, actually, I didn't have
that large a proportion of the parts required to make a new Fury, but I had enough to make it seem like it would be rude not to.

And it seemed quite appealling to have a racer which didn't feature lots of custom-made parts made at great expense and at the expense of much time and effort. A straight forward, no frills, stripped-bare racer built for one purpose and one purpose only. And so, the FuryRacer was born.

Well, no, it wasn't really. But the idea of making the FuryRacer was. And it only took a couple of years to find the space to build it in.